Do you want to help out Team 865 but aren't quite sure how? Are you looking for a gift idea for an Team 865 member? Check out the WARP7 Gift Donor Shop!

Every WARP7 gift is either a part or material we use frequently on our robots or is necessary to provide the best experience for our members. All donations come with a Charitable Tax Receipt.


  1. Click the "Donate" button under any product. This will take you to "School Cash Online" for the TDSB.

  2. Enter an amount in the "other amount" box that corresponds with the amount of the product you want to donate (you can tally amounts if you are donating more than one product)

  3. Select "Western Technical Commercial School" from the School dropdown menu.

  4. Write a message that starts with "865 Robotics" and include your name, and the product(s) that you want us to put the money towards.

  5. Send an email to to confirm your donation.

*Please Note: While we will do our best to use the money towards the product you select, if we receive donations for more than the required number of that item we may use the money towards something else*

COVID-19 NOTICE: Any donations made will be kept for when we return to normal in-person operations.

Help take care of us!

Send a student to a competition!


Buy us a pizza!


Buy us safety glasses!


Help us buy robot parts!

Buy a motor!


Buy some bearings!

$72 for 12 bearings

Buy some metal!

$250 for 8'x4' sheet

Buy us a drill bit!


Buy us a wheel!


Buy us a wheel!


Buy us some wire!


Buy us a fuse!


Buy a motor controller!


Buy us zipties!

$8 for 100 zipties

Buy us gorilla tape!


Buy us hexshaft!

$21 for 3'

Buy us boxtube!

$46 for 5'

Buy us shaft collars!

$21 for 2

Buy us nuts and bolts!


Buy us washers!