Our department heads each prepared seminar for incoming rookies and have shared the slides used at these seminars here. Hopefully these informative slides help you with learning and teaching your own rookies! More to come soon!

Design Seminars

Welcome to the first WARP7 Design Seminar! These seminars will consist of a short presentation and a simple, hands-on activity that only requires a pencil and paper. This seminar covers what FRC robots look like, common tasks robots will do in a given game, and simple concepts of strategic design. Special thanks to Karthik Kanagasabapathy and Ian Mackenzie for the informative slide deck we used.

Welcome to the second WARP7 Design Seminar! Now that we have covered how to choose what tasks our robots will do, we are now going to cover what we build to complete these tasks. These mechanisms are referred to as manipulators, and we will be covering the most common types you will see during competitions. Special thanks to Bruce Whitefield of team 2471 for the slide deck used.

Welcome to the third WARP7 Design Seminar! Since we covered tasks and manipulators, we will be covering the building blocks we use to build these manipulators. We will talk about boxtube, stock, gussets, and COTS parts in this presentation.

For the last WARP7 Design Seminar, we will be designing a simple mechanism in CAD, combining all aspects of design previously discussed in the past few weeks. This mechanism will be designed in Solidworks, however you may be able to follow along in whatever software you choose.

Programming Seminars


Strategy Seminars

WARP7 2022 Strategy Seminar

Drive Seminars

Copy of 2021 Drive Seminar

Electrical Seminars

Electrical Seminar 2021