Strategy session in the stands at Nippising University!

We were honoured to receive the Excellence in Engineering at the North Bay event!

A close up of Franzen, our 2024 season robot!

Hang in there!

Big congratulations all around with our friends at Makeshift Robotics!

Debriefing in the pits at Newmarket! 


Working hard in the pits at Georgian College!

Who's got two thumbs and loves robotics?

Trippy moving at WARP speed!

Post-match tweaks at STEMley!


Happy Halloween from WARP7!

Getting together to have some awesome cinnamon buns from our sponsor Cinnaholic High Park!

Drive team celebrating the finalist placement at York!

Traversal hang at the Houston Championships!

Alliance Selection with 2013 and 5036 at the York District event!


Chairman's Celebration Dinner!

With our winning alliance!

Our Assistant Captain Facetiming our awards mentor after an emotional win! 

We love our scouters and parents!

Pre-comp systems check!

Media team at work!

Machinists are hard at work  facing boxtube!

Our mentors with the banners!

Drive team after winning finals!

Balanced triple climb!

Editing our reveal video at lunch!

Star Wars fun!

Chairman's practice!

Girls in STEM day at the Ontario Science Centre!

CNC team preparing stock!

Engaging kids with our 2019 robot Astro at the Ontario Science Centre!


Learning to drive our mecanum bot at Westside Fun!

University of Toronto Science Rendezvous 2019!

Winners of the Industrial Design award in Windsor!

Astro ready to start the match!

Finalists at Humber College!

Sharing our kickoff facilities with teams 2198 and 5834 !

Machining parts for team 1310!

Explaining Cosmos to the evergreens at Westside Fun!

Finals at Humber College!

Playoffs in Windsor!

Showing off Cosmos at Fern Avenue Public School!

Machining parts for team 5834!

Our team members going up with FLL Jr. kids they mentor to receive their medals at the Ontario District Championship!

Set up for a match with sister team 2198 and team 1114!


Science Rendezvous 2018 with team 1285!

Working with team 1285 to show just how awesome FIRST is!

Recipients of the Gracious Professionalism award at Fall Fiesta!

Scottie with a double climb with alliance partners 3538!

Engaging girls at offseason events!

At RL Solutions for our annual visit to show what their support has allowed us to do!

Teaching our local MP Arif Virani about FIRST and team 865!

Recipients of the Engineering Inspiration award at the Windsor Essex Great Lakes Event!

Winners of the Darwin subdivision with alliance captain 494 and alliance partners 4917 and 51!

Engineering Inspiration at Windsor Essex Great Lakes Event!


Science Rendezvous 2017!

Updating code at STEMley!

Successful climb!

Battery with a special design!

Delivering gears to our airship where our pilot waits!

Getting a signature from Dean Kamen!

Cosmos races across the field to deliver a gear at warp speed!


Pit Scouting!

Kobayashi breaching the opponent's defenses!

Our Safety Captain winning safety star of the day!

Fixing gearboxes!

Talking to judges!

Manufacturing for other teams with our mobile machine shop we took to competitions!

Doing last minute checks on Kobayashi!

Team poses at the Waterloo District event!

Kobayashi travelling at warp speed!

Our partners for an upcoming qualification match coming to check up on us... and finding a robot with gearboxes that have exploded...


Alliance selection at STEMley!

Tachyon stacking!

Doing system's checks!