Since the 2018 season, we worked towards developing a scouting app in order to collect match data easier. We created a mobile app-based scouting platform that allows us to accurately collect and analyze team and match data to make informed decisions for alliance selection. The code for the 2019 scouting app is available here: https://github.com/Team865/Android-Scouting-App or for download: https://github.com/Team865/Android-Scouting-App.git.

Find our scouting data from 2019 here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oxnnfS2wKzfVb_epQHCXt8P--C2crWjY0r71HFX4hW8/edit#gid=1291997295

It includes:

Expansive Dataset

  • Sandstorm Start & End Positions

  • Sandstorm Cargo & Hatch Scoring

  • Sandstorm & Tele-Op Game Piece Acquisition, Manipulation, and Scoring

  • Sandstorm & Tele-Op Location of Game Piece Scoring

  • Defensive Capabilities

  • Endgame Climbing Abilities (Level, Assistance, and Support)

Match Predictions

  • Uses previous match histories and robot data to extrapolate match outcomes

Centralized Database

  • Data can be immediately reviewed

  • Match footage used to correlate and correct any outlying data


  • Summarized for quick, informed scouting decisions

  • Multiple outputs depending on dataset or query

  • Attractive and clean interface

  • Fast lookups by team, match, or team + match

Simple design

  • Used by all scouts

  • Timed data points corresponding to real-time game events

  • Haptic feedback alerts users of successful input and helps to prevent input errors

Data Output

  • Multiple methods of transmitting data

  • QR code allows for peer-to-peer data transfer

  • Text-based output for use with existing apps (SMS, instant messengers, etc.)


  • Data sharing with other teams

  • Scouting with other teams at events

  • Open Source Code on Github for other teams