Meet Our 2021-2022 Leadership Team

Team Captain

Hi! I'm Alison, and I'm the Captain of WARP7 this year. I joined the team in grade 9 and I am now in grade 12. My job is to oversee and organize the team as a whole, leading meetings and working with the leadership team on scheduling. I work with every department head to plan tasks for every part of the team. I also work on the Electrical, Design, Drive, Media, and Mechanical sub teams, and have been the Head of Electrical for the last 2 years.

Director of Operations

Hey, I am Mahir and I am the Director of Operations. I manage the Business and Awards departments at WARP7. As the Business Head, I work with companies and sponsors to create mutually beneficial partnerships to help us build our robot and expand our outreach. As Awards Head, I organize the focus for the Chairman's Award which is the most prestigious award in FIRST. We also nominate mentors for the Woodie Flowers Award, and students for Dean's List.

Media and Build Head

Hi! I'm Aidan, and I'm the Media and Mechanical Head here at WARP7. My job as Media Head consists of photography, videography, and digital design, as well as teaching new members those very same fundamentals. Aside from Media, being positioned as the new Mechanical Head, my job is to organize, teach, and construct parts that would contribute to the building of the robot while simultaneously working to lead discussions and make plans with other technical departments.

CNC Head

Hi! My name is Alex and I coordinate the CNC machining of the team. The CNC Department works closely with the Design Department to create parts based on Design's specifications using a wide variety of high-precision tools. My job this year will be organizing the production of parts and robot hardware updates as well as teaching new members through in-depth training on our various mills, lathes, and CNC routers.

Design Heads

Hello, we are Deven & Keyaan, the Co-Design Heads for this year. Our sub-team uses CAD (Computer Aided Design) to create a model of what the robot will look like for the season. During the off-season, our job will be to teach new members how to work with the programs, as well as giving them practice before the on-season arrives in the new year. We create models of complex parts and systems to ensure that there are minimal system failures, and to send part designs off to be manufactured. We will also make revisions to parts based off of testing and failures. At competitions, we will talk to judges about the design process and specifications of our robot.

Strategy Head

Hey, I'm Peter! As Strategy Head for WARP7, my job is to help make various important decisions throughout the team. From the beginning of the season, I'll work closely with Design to decide what functionalities we want on our robot. At competitions, I'll work with team members and other teams on our alliance to decide strategies for each match, as well as working with Scouting to gather data on other team's robots to make informed decisions for alliance selection.

Scouting Head

Hello, my name is Liam and this year I'll be the head of WARP7's Scouting Team. My job as Scouting Head is to teach our new members the importance of scouting at competitions. I also work with the Programming Team to create a scouting app which I'll help teach the team to use. Apart from scouting, I work with the Strategy Team as well as Build and occasionally observe the Design Team.

Drive Coach

Hey, I'm Alexander and I am the Drive Coach. At WARP7, my job is to manage the Drive Team. During matches, I coordinate the robot's movement as well as communicate with our alliance partners. I also select the Driver, Operator and Human Player in the off-season. Drive Team is focused on how we can best drive and operate our robot during a match to maximize our score and ranking points.