We are a high school robotics team located in Toronto, Ontario. Our team participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition, an annual engineering challenge with thousands of teams from all over the world. On our team we strive to encourage innovation, foster well-rounded students, and provide them with life skills including problem-solving, self-confidence, communication, and leadership!

WARP7 was one of the first teams in Canada to join FIRST Robotics and has been working since 2002 to inspire students and create the leaders of tomorrow. We’ve grown from a 7-member group of friends into an extensive group of students, parents, teachers, and alumni all passionate about furthering education in STEAM fields. Our mission is to go above and beyond the high school curriculum by educating students on how to design and build robotics systems using industry-standard materials and tools and to give students the opportunity to work together in teams to problem-solve and innovate. Together, we strive to Inspire, Equip, and Expand.


Capture interests!


Provide help and resources!


Spread our impact!


Team 865’s mission statement is “Inspire. Equip. Expand.” By doing this we involve and enrich as many people as possible in FIRST and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math). We start by inspiring others. We achieve this by bringing attention to FIRST and STEAM through outreach. We engage as many people as we can with activities targeted to people of every age. Once we spark an interest, we equip them with the skills they need to succeed. We are constantly passing on knowledge, skills, and providing access to our resources for all interested. To expand, we work with sponsors to grow our outreach and ensure members of FIRST have a bright future post-secondary. This includes reaching across borders to expand our outreach, conferencing with sponsors regularly, and inspiring others to start the process again.


As a robotics team, we focus on immersing high school students in the fundamentals of STEAM through the practical application of designing, manufacturing, assembling, and programming a robot to compete in the annual FIRST Robotics Competition. But FIRST is not just about the robots. Our team also works to spread STEAM at many outreach events in our community and through our sponsors. We work to make FIRST available to everyone through our work at Holland Bloorview Kid's Rehabilitation Hospital, providing resources and machining parts for other teams, mentoring FLL teams and FRC teams, sharing our facilities, and more!




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